Launching our playground advent calendar

01 December 2020

We could not be more excited about Christmas. Isn’t it wonderful to see everyone starting to break out the holiday decorations and spreading a bit of cheer? Ok, so it isn’t going to be quite the same as normal but we still wanted to start our own extra-special countdown through advent with some of our most popular products of 2020.


So… here’s 1 through to 10 in our playground advent calendar.


1st December - Large EYFS Scrambler Set - These sets have been exclusively designed for Playforce helping young children with their physical development. Each set contains: 6 single support blocks; 6 double support blocks; 1 curved ladder; 2 balance beams; 2 traverse planks; and 2 rumble traverse planks.


2nd December - Log Forest Posts (set of 3 different heights) - These timber posts present a great opportunity for all ages to engage in imaginative play, with holes to allow for den building, weaving and hanging artwork.
3rd December - Thermoplastics - Making outdoor play exciting isn’t limited to installed playground equipment… don’t forget the fun you can have with pictures, letters, games and more! We have a huge range of thermoplastic playground graphics. Please contact us to find out more or take a look at our thermoplastic markings brochure.


4th December - Freestyle Channelling Set (12 hooks & 6 Chutes) - Ever wished you could use your fence posts, shelter supports and other objects around your outdoor space more effectively? Well now you can, with our freestyle channelling set. The set of 12 hooks can be attached to objects around the space using the included hook-and-loop strap, and the 6 chutes will then slot into the hooks to create your water or ball runs! Let the children experiment with different angles and run lengths - they may even be able to go around corners!
5th December - Flow Wall - Post Mounted (2500mmW) - This post mounted flow wall is the perfect way to take STEM and discovery outdoors. With all you need to build your own flow channels this isn’t only limited to water exploration but to imaginative play and developing teamworking skills.


6th December - Fun Grow Seating Planter - Square - (Includes Compost) 1195mm - It might be winter out there but you’d be amazed the things you can still grow and learn about through gardening. Our seating planters are robust and chunky low level planter beds. Perimeter seating removes the need for additional seating in the garden.


7th December - EYFS - BEIGE Tipi with Detachable Cover - A very popular item with our customers - the Tipi provides children with a fun den making space, with the security of a cosy area for small group play and stories. The removable cover can be repositioned - why not change the location of the open side to give children a changing view of the space around them as they play?
8th December - 1.5m Perch Bench - It might be chilly but that doesn’t mean your outdoor space can’t be used for outdoor learning, story time and lunch. In various lengths, with hand-finished, wooden components, these benches provide a great place for meeting, socialising and outdoor learning.


9th December - Sloping Balance Beam  - An inclined balance challenge, this timber trail beam has a flat walking surface providing a challenging route to the next item in a trail.
10th December - Material Movement Kit - Large - Making channelling truly flexible, our bumper set of channels and other accessories gives children the option to move materials such as sand and water around the outdoor space in lots of different ways. The set includes: 1 blue play tray 6 timber water channels 2 adjustable timber channel stands 1 bamboo water tipper 1 seesaw channel 2 x 2 pint jugs 2 x 5L buckets 1 x 26L flexi-bucket 1 x funnel and tube set 1 x wheelbarrow 2 x turkey basters 2 x jumbo sponges A smaller version of this set is also available.


For more information about any of these projects - many of which can be delivered ready to play - please email or call 01604 261690.

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