Jumping into National Skipping Week

14 March 2016


March has already given us a spring in our step but it’s about to get even more active with National Skipping Day. 18th March is the 14th National Skipping Day and this year it’s expected that over 50,000 children will be taking part. With organised Skipping Workshops, 2016 could be the biggest simultaneous skipping event on record.


Skipping is a fantastic cardio work-out that’s fun and active. It’s used by the US Olympic team to increase their medal-winning chances and can increase footwork skills for footballers, wrist endurance for tennis players and accuracy and agility for cricket players. The benefits are limitless and can also help improve skills for swimmers, field athletes and dancers.


It’s a skill that should be encouraged in children from an early age and while skipping in the sports hall is a brilliant way to exercise, combing the activity with playground equipment can bring it to the top of the fun-o-meter.


We remember the days of playground skipping games, so here are some of the Playforce team’s favourite ways to take this fun activity outside:

  • Side straddle - One turn of the rope with your feet together, the next with your feet apart. The same motion as a jumping jack.
  • Ex - Jump with your feet together, then with your feet crossed, back together and then crossed the other way.
  • Slalom - Jump over the rope with your feet together from one side to the other like a slalom skier. Top tip: draw a line on the ground to jump over for guidance.
  • Mirror skipping - Grab a friend to share your rope. Face each other and hold the rope in alternate hands. As the rope comes to the ground, skippers lift corresponding leg and pass the handle underneath to the other hand. As the rope lifts up again, the handle is passed back to the original hand.
  • Chain skipping - Can be played with two or more friends. Stand in a line and swap handles with the person next to you. Count in and skip as if you were holding your own ropes. Unison is key or everyone goes down like dominoes.


At Playforce, we know that the fear of grazed knees and bruised elbows can make the thought of skipping outdoors less appealing. That’s why we created our safer surfacing to ensure that bumps and bangs are as pain-free as possible. Find out more about our surfaces and our playground equipment for schools here.


To discuss your playground needs in any more detail why not pick up the phone to one of our specialists?

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