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12 April 2021

As 2020 was drawing to a close we announced our intention to start 2021 as we meant to go on with a programme of focus groups - all delivered digitally.

Our first topic, in January, looked at combatting obesity in the time of COVID-19. This built on our 2015, 2016 and 2017 white papers, surveys and research into the ways schools were working to combat childhood obesity through outdoor learning. You can read more about these and download them here

In this first discussion, with outdoor time and school activities restricted throughout 2020 we wanted to find out how this has affected children and staff, as well as the steps being taken to change the way things are done and to keep children active outdoors. 

You can download the full report from this here.

We also published two articles, looking at the impact of lockdown on children and the call to provide play and outdoor learning to combat this

But we’re not stopping there and are planning our second Zoom-based focus group, with an independent moderator, on 5th May 2021. 

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We’re looking for people from schools across the country to take part. We’re looking for teachers and school business managers that have opinions to share on the subject of using playground space to take the curriculum outdoors.  In particular we’re looking for people that are willing to talk about their experiences of doing this in the time of COVID-19. 




The session will last about 60 minutes and attendees will be entered into a prize draw to win £200 voucher to spend in the Playforce Shop on the Ready-to-Play rangeOnce again, although the comments and attendees will be confidential, we’ll be publishing key findings and action points (as well as progress against them) on our blog and in our regular e-news updates.

If you’d like to take part please sign up by completing a simple form - or if you’d like us to ask a question - please email

If you’d like to discuss our focus groups, polls, customer care or anything else you can email or chat live on our website or call 01604 261690.

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