Its Christmas 2020

21 December 2020

We’d like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year’s break. Here’s to a less eventful and more playful 2021.
Here are our final, five, favourite products of 2020.

21st December - Rubber Step Posts (Set of 6) - Recycled rubber stepping posts of varying heights and colours present children with a challenging path to negotiate. The rubber construction ensures, if misjudged, the posts are forgiving and that they can be used as seating during quieter times.


22nd December - Water Table - Ideal for small groups of children to experience the properties of water, the Water Table includes a large, durable plastic basin in a high quality timber frame. Scallops around the edges also provide an opportunity to add water chutes to extend your water play a little further. A waterproof cover is also available to purchase separately.
23rd December - Monkey Walk - One of our most popular timber active trail options the finished stainless steel grips offer children a challenging route across this part of the trail, developing upper body strength.
24th December - Nursery Storage Bench - A clever combination of seating and storage, this high quality, sturdy storage bench is a great addition to any outdoor play area, and comes completed with two clear plastic storage boxes.
25th December - Sliding Lid Sandpit (Inc sand) - This versatile sandpit and staging option encourages children to experience the physical characteristics of sand. The lid provides a building/ construction area for the children or it can transform into an imaginative stage for role play.


For more information about any of these projects - many of which can be delivered ready to play - please email or call 01604 261690. Please note the office will be closed from 4pm Christmas Eve reopening again on Monday 4th January at 8.30am.

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