It’s time to don your best den making hat

16 March 2016


As the weather is starting to show hints of improving, den making season is well and truly on its way. It’s time to don your best den making hat and get building.


At Playforce we’ve been inspired by the CBBC show Dengineers to think about getting outside and creating unique hideaways. The show creates dens for all aspects of play and learning, whether it’s cooking something up in a kitchen area, building a den for making art masterpieces or even a space for secret spies. The team have highlighted all the different ways that dens and shelters can be used to bring learning and fun into the playground.


So why do we love dens so much?


There are so many things to love about dens. They encourage budding adventurers to use their outdoor space in a new and imaginative way.


Our favourite thing about dens is their flexibility. They are a blank canvas for creative minds to transform them into anything their imaginations can make. Our Den Making Set is the perfect example. Filled with pegs, tarp, ropes, log seats and sticks it can be used over and over again with the natural world around it to make anything from spaceships to jungle huts.


If you’re looking for something more permanent, our Woodland Cabins or Tipis are great as quiet hideaways from the busy playground or are perfect reading corners during class time. They don’t have to be used for just quiet time, why not grab your instruments and use them as a natural space for music practice or take role play and drama activities into the playground.


The only limit on den making is the imagination of the builders and once your children are encouraged to think outside the box, there’s no stopping them. Use dens in the playground to inspire creativity and soon little adventurers will be spotting learning and play opportunities in the world around them.


Don’t miss! Want to build dens and help children across the UK? Find out how you can get involved in Save the Children’s Den Day in June. 


For more information about dens and getting your children outside and active, talk to one of our specialist school grounds consultants.

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