Improving popularity and revenue at a luxury holiday park

02 May 2017


When a luxury holiday park contacted us to find out if we could help them develop their playground, we couldn’t wait to get started. Developing outstanding outdoor spaces to encourage families to get together and play is one of our favourite things to do. We worked with the holiday park to design and install a playground that would entertain visitors and boost revenue. 

The setting, based in North Wales, wanted to encourage holiday homes sales to families and stand out in the competitive crowd. By offering a playground that would catch the eye of visiting families they hoped to increase their Trip Advisor reviews as well as social media mentions and shares, all contributing to their Google rankings. 

Working closely with the team at the holiday park, we designed an area which would see a great return on investment. Throughout the process we worked alongside the client and, as with all of our projects, we got to enjoy watching their vision become a reality. 

Since installing the playground, the holiday park has been able to provide a safe environment in which the children are kept occupied. Families have been encouraged to stay longer on the premises without venturing outside of the facilities too much. Keeping families within the park with happy children is likely to lead to them spending more time (and money!) within the setting.

For this holiday park, Jungletops were the perfect match for their environment. Our Leisure Settings Expert, Danielle Simmonds, tells us why they are a great fit for leisure settings:


 Jungletops are a new range at Playforce and we are very proud of what we have achieved with them. They are perfect for leisure settings because they are very durable, come with a 15 year warranty and use quality rounded laminated timbers to reduce splits in the timber. Leisure settings want a good return on investment so they need something that is reliable and long-lasting. Our Jungletops are steel ground fixed, which keeps the timber out of damp ground.  Although all of our timber is pressure treated to prevent against rot and infestation this process gives the added assurance of a longer lifespan and ease of repairs if the need arises in the future.”


Improving the playground in this holiday park has given children more space to play and exercise. It has encouraged families to spend more time on the premises and boost the revenue of the leisure setting. Installing unique equipment, like our Jungletops range, develops a focal point for parent’s conversation. Every leisure setting should make their playground memorable so that when families tell their friends (or the world on social media) what they enjoyed, it becomes a recommendation tool.

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