Imagine you're a pirate

17 July 2018

Shiver me timbers if we haven’t got some amazing new play equipment just perfect for growing those imaginations and encouraging role play. 

Just in time for installations before International Talk Like a Pirate Day on 19th September we’re delighted to launch three new items, designed to take children onto the high seas for a spot of swash-buckling and treasure seeking.

Climb the walls, fire the cannons and steer the ship to safety. Peer through the port holes and scramble up the net rigging - all with our wooden Sunken Ship Stern. You could even use it as a space for storytime or roleplay activities.

Or why not scramble up the scrambler or climb the rope on our Sunken Ship Bow or wave the pirate flag and ring the bell, before sliding down the pole on our Sunken Ship Mast

Perfect for encouraging children to use their imaginations, to create stories and work together as a team, these three new items can be combined to form a pirate ship area, or integrated into existing schemes as individual pieces. Best of all, while they’re climbing and scrambling, fighting pirates, sea monsters and rescuing their friends - your children are outdoors, active and having lots and lots of fun!

To find out more about these new ships, as well as the rest of our Journey Range, or contact us today or book a consultation with one of our experts.

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