Ideas for Early Years for National Tree Week

02 December 2015


National Tree Week - the ideal chance to teach your school about the importance of nature and community! Trees are essential for life on Earth - they provide oxygen, shelter and shade, as well as a beautiful landscape. At Playforce we love woods, forests and just about anything outdoorsy. That’s why we’ve come up with a few ideas on celebrating National Tree Week with your Early Years class...

Outdoor Play

We support forest growth and forest development, making us one of the most environmentally friendly outdoor playground specialists around! Use our pinnable Leaves Whiteboards on trees and write the name of the species. This visual aid helps Early Years children to develop memory skills. The whiteboards come in different varieties of leaf - so the children can find similar looking leaves...a fun game for National Tree Week. If the children don’t have access to trees on the school grounds then introduce the next best thing...Den Trees! Perfect for role play, the Den Trees can help teach children the importance of trees used as shelter.

Puzzle Time

There are numerous colouring in and dot to dot activities themed around trees - or you could even make your own! Holding a colouring competition for your Early Years class is a great way to encourage creativity, along with teaching them about seasonal changes in trees and why it happens.

Embracing Nature

Winter is a very interesting season when it comes to foraging for natural objects. Pine cones, leaf skeletons, twigs and maybe even a bird egg or two - you never know what you might find in the woods or on the school grounds. Encourage the children to learn about nature by going on a nature hunt! Teach the little ones about the different insects and mammals to be found this time of year, along with the different types of trees. When you get back to the classroom, it’s a great idea to create collages with all the wonderful pieces of nature you’ve found on your travels!

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