Have you seen our new Sensory Panels

06 March 2020

We can’t tell you how excited we are about our new Sensory Panels range. The panels are perfect for creating a sensory zone in your playground, combining with planting areas, or to simply add onto your existing Playforce equipment. Whether installed onto fencing, shelters/outdoor classrooms, woodland towers, staging areas or combined with our musical panels, they are a simple but extremely flexible and effective way to engage your pupil’s senses. Available in a range of different colours and textures in almost any combination, the options are vast! We wanted to tell you a little bit more about them and some of our favourite features…

Flexibility - There’s no denying that larger schemes like our Pent Link Sensory Woodland Tower are fantastic… but what we really love is the simplicity of the the individual panels. With coloured mirrors, chalkboards, play lawn, all weather surfacing in different colours, finger mazes, peg boards and more, there are dozens of options, even if you’re only planning on including one or two individual panels. You can even get them with or without posts, for stand-alone installation or integration into existing schemes.

Early Years specific products - At Playforce we understand the importance of designing equipment specifically for smaller children. That’s why we’ve included two dedicated Early Years schemes in this new range - our Double EY Sensory Woodland Tower and Triple Sensory EY Woodland Tower with Ramp are perfect for Early Years!

Making music - One of our favourite combinations is our Sensory Panels and Music ranges. Not only does this combination provide a wonderful opportunity for fun and skill development, they’re a great way of encouraging children of all abilities to play and learn together. We particularly love the Sensory Music Half Octagonal Stage (which comes with Sensory Fence Panel 1, Sensory Fence Panel 3, Chime Panel, Xylophone Panel, Bongo Panel, Steel Drum & Half Octagonal Stage) and Sensory Music Trail 2 (which features Sensory Fence Panel 1, Sensory Fence Panel 8, Bongo Panel, Rattle Wheel Panel, Bat Pipe Panel, Steel Drum, Chime Panel, Xylophone Panel & Guiro Block Panel).

Sensory outdoor learning - We’re finally getting to the part of the year that taking classes outdoors becomes a possibility (without getting frozen solid). We’ve worked with schools and settings for more than 20 years and we know that outdoor classrooms and shelters are an important part of this - not only providing a place to take cover, but quiet spaces for story time, lunch or playtime. That’s why we particularly love our three Octagonal Shelters, each featuring a range of Sensory Panels. You can take a look here: Sensory Octagonal Shelter 1, Sensory Octagonal Shelter 2 and Sensory Octagonal Shelter 3

Wall mounted options - We also understand that, for many schools and settings, space is at a premium. That’s why, as well as offering our Sensory Panels with and without posts, we also have three smaller wall mounted panels. We have one with Play Lawn and Mirror, one with All Weather and coloured mirrors and one with All Weather and chalkboard.

If you’d like to talk to us about our new Sensory Range and how it can benefit your children, you can contact us here.

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