Happier without homework? Schools ditch extra credit for extra fun.

17 November 2016

A school in Scotland has recently made the bold move to stop setting homework and is encouraging their students to spend the time reading books and going outside to play instead. 

It’s a decision that was made with parents and children of the Highland Council-run school and is the latest story in a lengthening string of schools around the world choosing to ditch the homework. 

It comes after news that parents in Spain carried out a homework strike to fight against the average of 6.5 hours of homework their children were being set a week. Those supporting the strikes argued that their children are stuck inside doing their homework when they should be building relationships with family and friends, learning to cook, developing practical skills, and having fun with their imaginations. 


So if Spain followed Scottish Inverloch Primary’s new rules, what could the children be doing instead with their extra 6.5 hours a week? We’ve got a few ideas….


  • Play 4 full games of football (and have room for some extra time)
  • The average 10 year old could read ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ from start to finish.
  • Count out loud to approximately 60,5000.
  • Play hide and seek around 700 times. 
  • Watch the first three Harry Potter films (if you skip the credits)
  • Attempt to beat the fastest child runner in the world by completing just over 2 marathons.
  • Soft boil 135 eggs - the perfect snack to give them the energy for play
  • Time 390 minute-long obstacle course races across a Jungletops trail.

It will be interesting to see how Inverloch Primary’s students are affected by their school getting rid of homework. With more time to exercise their bodies and imaginations, it could be a huge leap towards helping them build essential life skills that can’t be learnt on paper.

To find out how you can ensure your children get the best of their free time in school, book a consultation with one of our local advisors and start creating your outstanding outdoor space. 

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