Halloween fun with Playforce!

30 October 2018


We just love getting all spooky and imaginative for Halloween… it doesn’t matter whether we’re dressing up as ghosts, witches or zombies… jumping out and scaring everyone… cooking up Halloween cookies and cupcakes (well… everyone deserves a treat as long as they’re healthy…) and bobbing for apples…

Here are our top five spooktackular outdoor play ideas for Halloween:

  1. It wouldn’t be Halloween without spiders… and clambering all over the sticky, stringy web… This year we launched our creepy crawly range, including a fan(g)tastic Spider Nest to climb up, around and over!
  2. All you budding witches need a Potion Set… This set of potion pots, potion table, bowls and wooden spoons are perfect for creating spells using mud, water, twigs, leaves and any other natural materials you can think of. The table is perfect for chopping up leaves, and even twigs, fruit and vegetables to add to the potion! The bowls can be used for collecting and counting ingredients to support numeracy learning outcomes. Why not try providing children with corn flour and water or shaving foam for some lovely gloopy ingredients for messy play. You could also add in different combinations of letters or sounds for literacy activities.
  3. What better than a spooky ghost ship to play pirates on? Climb the walls, fire the cannons and steer the ship to safety. Peer through the port holes and scramble up the net rigging - all with our wooden Sunken Ship Stern, Sunken Ship Bow or Sunken Ship Mast.
  4. If you’re imagining yourself in a deserted ghost town the our Woodland Village is just the thing… the Adventure Fort and Lookout Lodge might be just what you need to fight off zombies and woodland monsters!
  5. Finally… what would Halloween be without wiggly worms and creepy crawlies? See for yourself… all the gruesome creatures living in your very own playground, with our Mini-Beast Exploration Table and Worm World Discovery.  

If you’re in search of some inspiration for creative lesson ideas to help your little ghouls explore and celebrate Halloween, look no further than TES… they’ve chosen some of the top Halloween-related resources to help you ignite your pupils’ imaginations this October.

We’d love to hear about your Halloween play adventures… get in touch and speak to us about making your playground the perfect space to get all spooky!

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