Grow your own potatoes

02 February 2016


Launched in 2005, Grow Your Own Potatoes (GYOP) was one of the first primary school based growing projects. It’s all about learning where potatoes come from, how they grow and that potatoes are a healthy food.  And February is the month to get involved.


Here at Playforce we’re getting all excited about GYOP month.  Working with schools to help children learn about where their food comes from is at the heart of getting active and getting healthy.  Our Grow range offers lots of options for growing your own vegetables and food.  Whether as part of a bespoke schemeor our non-installation Playforce Shop range there are loads of ways you can get involved with learning about nature.


Why not try our Rustic Seating Planter – perfect for combining story time, outdoor lunch or planting… and 15% off this week, to celebrate GYOP.


Or, particularly good for smaller children, our Fun Grow Planter – a whopping 25% off this week, to celebrate GYOP.


And for loading up with all the lovely potatoes you grow?  Why our Wheelbarrow and Gardening Kit is 20% off this week, to celebrate GYOP.


But what if you haven’t got around to registering your school for GYPO this month?  You’re not too late to take part. The nice people at the scheme have put loads of teaching resources on the website for schools to download and print.  As well as posters and wall charts there are also guidance notes and fact sheetson all sorts of things like growing potatoes, healthy eating and recipe ideas.  There are things to colour in, games and videos to watch, as well as lots and lots of lesson content.  There’s also a fantastic Special Educational Needs Workbook packed full of ideas.


For all of this week we’re having a special sale over at Playforce Shop with lots of reductions on our gardening and grow range.  Head on over to take a look.  And if you are getting involved with GYOP then don’t forget to share your photos on our Facebook page or on Twitter using the hashtag #gyop.


If you’d like to talk to us about your bespoke scheme (whether involving potatoes or not) you can contact us here


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