Good quality playgrounds in leisure settings are very important

09 June 2017


As the summer holidays approach, families are starting to think about activities to enjoy with their children during their time off. It’s up to leisure settings to ensure that they have the facilities to keep children happy and families occupied. But what are families looking for in a leisure setting?


We recently conducted some research and asked 65 families what factors they consider when choosing a leisure setting to visit with their children.


77% of families said that when looking for a leisure site to visit with their family, a good quality playground or outdoor space was very  important.


When selecting where they are going to spend their time, over three quarters of the families we interviewed highlighted the importance of a good playground. These statistics highlight how crucial a quality outdoor space is for encouraging families to visit a leisure setting.


We asked these families what impact a good quality playground or outdoor space has on their visit to a leisure setting. This is what they said….


74% of families said that a high quality playground or outdoor space would make them more likely to return more regularly.


Nearly three quarters of families believe a good playground will influence their likelihood to become regular visitors. Regular visitors to a leisure setting builds loyalty, reputation and revenue.


71% of families said that it would make them more likely to visit as a whole family.


We’ve talked before about the importance of keeping children happy in a leisure setting. If families are looking for somewhere to visit with the whole family in tow, they are likely to choose one with a good quality playground over one without.


65% said leisure settings with a good playground would make them more likely to stay longer.


Getting customers on site is just the first step, keeping them on site is the next hurdle for leisure settings. With 65% of families stating that they would stay longer in a leisure setting with a good quality playground, a well-planned outdoor space can be the factor that convinces families to set up camp for a full day.


62% of families said it would make them more likely to recommend the setting to other families.


The best kind of marketing is the promotion other people do for you. Recommendation is key for leisure settings, particularly within family communities. Our research proves that creating a family-friendly outdoor space makes families more likely to recommend the setting to their friends and family.


56% of the families we asked said that a good quality playground or outdoor space would make them more likely to purchase food and drink at a café or bar.


It’s crucial for leisure settings to make developmental decisions based on the revenue that they can bring in. Investing in your outdoor space not only brings in families to your setting, it also makes them more likely to make purchases elsewhere in the establishment.


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