Give your landscaping a new lease of life this new year

15 December 2016

With the new year approaching, it’s the time of year when many customers are thinking about giving their outdoor space a new lease of life. For many this doesn’t necessarily mean investing in new playground equipment, it could be refreshing the landscaping, replacing signage or fencing, even simply rethinking lighting for the winter months.


At Playforce we’re able to offer everything you might need to create your outstanding outdoor space. We make a lot of effort to get our play spaces right for every child (and teacher or parent) that uses them and we understand the educational and community impact the whole design can have. That means everything from the flexibility of use, hard and soft landscaping, and the specific details of pathways, fencing, signage, walls, lighting, planting, grass turf… we could go on! Being part of the TCL Group means that we can provide specialist landscape consultancy, design, installation and maintenance services and ensure that your outdoor space is nothing short of perfect.


Landscaping services 


Don’t just take our word for it, see our landscaping services in action at Cottesmore Parish Council. Their surfacing had become outdated and the area needed re-modelling so it could become a more desirable place for the local children. As part of their refurbishment, and in our approach to save the Council’s funding, we minimised the amount of new materials needed and chose surfacing materials to last as long as possible, whilst maintaining a more natural aesthetic.


If you’d like to find out more about our landscaping services, book a consultation with a local advisor or get in touch today. Our consultative design approach means that we have a team of field-based designers who can meet directly with you and tailor every part of the design process to your needs and budgets.

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