Getting excited about World Book Day

26 January 2016


World Book Day, 3rd March 2016, is literally a celebration about reading! Children from all over the world come together to talk about authors, illustrators and stories that have made an impact on their lives.


In its 19th year, World Book Day is also an opportunity for children to own a book...or two or three. National Book Tokens Ltd will donate over 14 million tokens to children in participating schools. Children can exchange the tokens at their local book shop for one of the special top ten new exclusive books or as a discount for any book in the whole wide world! 


At Playforce we believe the best World Book Days are always the ones held outside. Using your outdoor playground to educate children on the importance of storytelling is both mentally and physically beneficial. Here are some top playground equipment pieces we recommend for World Book Day:


  • Storyteller Chair - Encourage the little ones to make up their very own tales in the fabulous Storyteller Chair...or use it as an outdoor classroom. Pair this with the matching audience stools and you’ll have yourself an outdoor story corner!
  • Post Mounted Creative Drawing Trail - Wonderful for developing creativity, this drawing trail is designed to make outdoor play even more fun than it already is. Use the trail for writing up a vivid stories or even for maths lessons.
  • Performance Stage - Budding performers will adore the Performance Stage. Perfect for putting on plays, talent shows and story telling, the stage can work wonders in improving confidence in quieter children, as well as develop social interaction.
  • Amphitheatre Seating - Acting out amazing stories from well-known authors is even more fun with a great audience. Make sure your spectators are comfy with the timber amphitheatre seating set.
  • Wooden Octagonal Musical Shelter - World Book Day wouldn’t be complete without music. After all, without words there would be no song lyrics! Encourage the children to compose their own jingles and bring out their inner Mozart!


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Here is the World Book Day Tool Kit official teaching resources to help your school have the best World Book Day ever!

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