Fun Facts about Space

13 June 2016


This month Tim Peake returns to Earth from the International Space Station. So, we have come up with some fun facts about space to share with your pupils to celebrate!


1. The first person in space was Yuri Gagarin from the Soviet Union, who travelled into orbit around the Earth in 1961.. 
2. The first man to walk on the Moon was an American called Neil Armstrong in 1969.
3. The Moon is the only place apart from Earth that humans have set foot on.
4. People who fly into space are called astronauts. They have to be very careful about what they eat and what exercise they do to stay healthy while they are in space.
5. A spacecraft needs to travel at 11,000 miles per hour to get into orbit around the Earth.
6. Spacecraft use huge rockets to carry them into space.
7. The most famous type of spacecraft was the Space Shuttle. There were five Space Shuttles and one prototype – between them they flew 135 missions into space.
8. Out of billions of people who live on Earth, only 535 have been into Orbit, and only 12 have ever walked on the Moon.
9. The International Space Station is the biggest space station ever built. It can hold a crew of six people.
10. In 2012 a machine made by NASA called ‘Curiosity’ landed on Mars to see if it could find evidence of any creatures or plants that used.


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