Resources for taking maths outdoors

03 February 2016

Taking learning outdoors is beneficial for all subjects, but today we’re talking about all things maths. Numbers, measurement, shapes and problem solving are all maths activities that can be improved with outdoor learning and play. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite resources for taking maths outside in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2. If you want to find them all in one place, head over to our ‘Taking Maths Outdoors’ board on Pinterest here


Maths Mark Making Sometimes outdoor learning can be as simple as 1,2,3. Grab some paintbrushes, water and chalk and head over to the concrete with the little ones to practice writing those numbers. 
Number Hunt Older children can enjoy a number hunt around the playground. Hide numbers around your outdoor space for children to find, snap pictures of or write down descriptions of where they are. Extend the activity by asking them to keep an eye out for numbers around the house or on the way home. 


Stick measuring Get your hands grubby and go stick hunting for this activity. Ask your children to find sticks of all shapes and sizes in the playground. Bring them all back together and sort them from largest to smallest. Ask them to think about the sticks that are curved, wider or different shapes.
Measuring car races Everyone will enjoy this maths game! Set up a car racing ramp and measuring tube at the bottom to help children learn how to measure the distances that their vehicles have travelled. 


White line pebble maths Use pebbles and stones from around the playground for this fun activity. Paint lines across all of the pebbles and ask the children to arrange them into different shapes. Introduce angles to make it even more fun.
Rock Shapes. For younger children grab some chalk and draw some shapes on the ground. Collect objects from around the playground to trace the shapes and introduce some fun games. 

Problem Solving

Natural algebra Learn the basics of algebra with objects found around the playground. Using these objects with chalk can help children solve basic algebra problems through teamwork. 
Hula hoop clock Learn how to tell the time with an outdoor hula hoop clock. Made from just chalk, a hula hoop and twigs, ask the children to move the hands to the times you shout out. 

Follow our Pinterest account for lots of great outdoor play and learning ideas and inspiration. Look out for our new Maths and Problem Solving range, it will help children get to grips with everything from geometry to fractions whilst taking part in outdoor, physical activity. 


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