Create maximum impact without breaking the bank

07 April 2021


There is no doubt that playground equipment with a bit of wow factor draws in visits from families to your pub, holiday park or visitor attraction. However, we understand that you’re there to run a business and so the numbers have to add up. So, we’ve gathered together 3 top tips from our playground designers for making sure your outdoor space creates that interest without breaking the bank. 


1. Choose features that stand out – including just one piece of equipment with a bit of height, or something unique such as a branded flag will help families to remember your site, and create instant excitement for children. Just remember, if you’re choosing a high level piece of equipment, you may need safer impact surfacing beneath it to comply with the relevant safety regulations.

2. Keep equipment footprints small to minimise surfacing requirements – surfacing can eat up large sums of money quickly, without seeming to add much play value. Our consultants will often recommend equipment that takes up a relatively small footprint such as our Active Climbers to reduce the area of surfacing required, leaving more of your budget for the equipment.

3. Add colour – when trying to create an area to inspire and excite families, adding a bit of colour can help it to stand out and become more memorable. If you want to keep the equipment looking natural or you’re trying to cover a large area, simply add some colourful surfacing, signage or fencing, or be brave and pick bold colours for your equipment. You could even match the area to your brand colours – Playforce can even include logos, lettering or symbols within the design!

If you’ve got a playground space that needs some extra sparkle to attract family visitors over the summer break, book a free consultation now.

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