Countdown to Christmas continued

14 December 2020

In our last blog we covered days 1st through to 10th December. Things are starting to get exciting as we now move on to advent calendar products that will take us right up to 20th December!


11th December - Balance Weaver - Plus - Made from sanded timber, this features a sloping balance challenge with additional inward leaning poles, to impede the path to the end. Slightly longer than the standard Balance Weaver.


12th December - Project Table (Standing Height) - This standing height table for working outdoors features a smooth table top to ensure children can write and draw without the interference of an uneven timber surface. The height of this table also makes it a great location for outdoor science experiments!
13th December - Tipi with Detachable Cover - This Tipi provides an ideal hideout for a small group of children and provides a shaded space to create role play scenarios. The removable cover is  hardwearing & waterproof.
14th December - Stretch Posts - Plus (set of 2) - Rubber Step Posts offer extra grip and sure footing whilst timber posts offer support to the children as they stretch and step their way across.
15th December - Storage Bench - This lockable timber storage bench, comes complete with three free water resistant boxes, chalk board doors and child-friendly handles.
16th December - Toadstool - Red with Green Spots (400mm high) - Available in a range of heights, these recycled rubber stools can be arranged as required to create fun meeting and play spaces.
17th December - Stepping Tree - A disc shaped platform surrounding a central timber post makes this Stepping Tree Ideal when grouped together at varying heights for testing agility as children stride between the discs.
18th December - Potion Pot Set - Large - This set of potion pots, potion table, bowls and wooden spoons are perfect for creating an outdoor mud kitchen using mud, water, twigs, leaves and any other natural materials you can think of. The table is perfect for chopping up leaves, and even twigs, fruit and vegetables to add to the potion! The bowls can be used for collecting and counting ingredients to support numeracy learning outcomes. Why not try providing children with corn flour and water or shaving foam for some lovely gloopy ingredients for messy play. You could also add in different combinations of letters or sounds for literacy activities.
19th December - Wall Mounted Chalk Board - 1625mm x 1200mm - What can’t you do with a wall mounted chalk board? Perfect for taking learning outdoors, creative drawing, chalking up scores on active play and sports and much, much more!
20th December - Woodland Loft (Beige) - Combining timber and canvas this is the perfect den for small groups and individuals. A quiet space to sit and eat or have time out, as well as the perfect imaginative play space. Best of all it’s available ready to play!


For more information about any of these products - many of which can be delivered ready to play - please email or call 01604 261690.

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