Blasting Off with Fundraising Ideas at the end of World Space Week

09 October 2015



“It’s one small step for man…” weren’t the first words uttered on the moon by Neil Armstrong. It was actually “contact light” by fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin. But technicalities aside, this week has been World Space Week and here at Playforce we’ve been very excited! During this week 58 years ago, the first human-made satellite Sputnik 1, was launched and 48 years ago saw the signing of the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies (Wow! What a mouthful!). But what is World Space Week all about? And how can your school use it to help with fundraising?

What is World Space Week?
First of all, World Space Week aims to encourage people around the world to learn more about space and how we benefit from space exploration. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to get your school excited about science, technology, engineering and maths.

World Space Week Fundraising Ideas
Here at Playforce, we love World Space Week – especially when we can pretend our outdoor playground equipment are spaceships and strange new planets. That’s why we have a few amazing World Space Week fundraising ideas for you…

  • Google Earth Competition: World Space Week still includes planet Earth, of course! Use Google Earth to transport students to the Seven Wonders of the World, famous landmarks…even your own school. Then create a geography memory quiz on screenshots of certain places. Students can contribute £1 to play with the winner getting a special space certificate. This is a great way to teach the children some geography and history, as well as space exploration (use Google Earth to visit the moon!)
  • Planet Bake Sale: Encourage students to bring in alien/planet/star/space themed cakes and biscuits.
  • Fancy Dress Competition: Always a classic fundraising idea…and there’s plenty of scope for creativity here. Pupils can pay a small entry fee to take part.


World Space Week Activity Ideas
As well as a great opportunity for fundraising, World Space Week is a fantastic chance for youngsters to learn all about how people become astronauts, the latest discoveries in space and much more. Children who usually find maths or science too boring will be in awe of what they can learn! Here’s a couple of ideas to get you started…

Future Self: Ask a volunteer to draw what they think life will be like in the next 100 years. Our Wall Mounted Chalk Board is perfect for this.

Mnemonics: My Very Energetic Mum Jumps Stupidly Under Neath Pillows? That’s Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in human speak! Create some funny mnemonics to help children remember the order of the planets. You’ll definitely need the Wall-Mounted Magnetic White Board for this.

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