Autumn outdoor fun with Playforce

12 October 2018


Blink and you’ve missed it! It only seems ten minutes ago we were talking about heat waves and summer shade… and then all of a sudden the leaves have turned all shades of orange and brown and dropped off in a swirling, whirling wind and rain. But just because the weather is showing a different side to her talents doesn’t mean your children can’t get outside and get active!

Creepies and crawlies

First, and most importantly. Autumn is a wonderful time to learn about mini-beasts. Just because it’s colder doesn’t mean they aren’t out there, enjoying the leaves and mulch and dark, damp corners. Our Mini-Beast Exploration Table includes three magnifying lenses to ensure lots of children can gather around. The rotating table top underneath the lenses can hold six di?erent samples… and if you’re wondering where you find the mini-beasts? Why, in our Giant Mini-Beast Hotel of course! It’s perfect for learning about the environment outside the classroom. It can take around 12 months for insects to get familiar with the environment and get settled so it’s worth thinking ahead and spending this time setting it up and getting little hands involved!

Understanding the weather

The beauty of autumn is that you never know what the weather is going to do… and so, what better time is there than now, for children to learn all about the different aspects of the weather with our Weather Station? It includes a wind direction recording dial, wind sock to measure wind direction and speed, rain gauge to measure the amount of rainfall and a chalkboard to record information. Everything you might need!

Taking shelter doesn’t have to mean going indoors

Just because it’s colder doesn’t mean activities have to go indoors. There’s still lots of sunshine left… and that means lots of fun and outdoor learning to be had. And we, most particularly, wanted to remind you about providing a nice, dry space for parents to wait at the end of the day.  It might just be a Shade Sail… or perhaps a Waterproof Parasol. We have something to fit every size of space.’

Time to get creative

Some of the greatest artists and designers have taken autumn as their inspiration. We love seeing all the amazing things children can create on our Post-Mounted Drawing Window or Creativity Table, as they draw around, paint with or copy leaves and other autumn nature. 

Calthorpe Special School in Birmingham wanted to create a playground that would offer a unique experience for each child. They wanted a space that would work well all year around - including autumn - and that’s why they installed a Musical Trail and performance space, as well as lots and lots of drawing and creativity opportunities.

For more autumn inspiration, or to discuss your outdoor space, contact us today and book an appointment with one of our regional consultants.

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