Attract Families to your Leisure Setting this Easter

05 April 2017




For many the Easter Holidays are already underway and for others they are just around the corner. The sun is shining (for now!) and families are heading to holiday parks and pub gardens to get their sunny fix. The playground is the perfect place for bouncing bunnies to burn off some energy so for leisure settings with an outdoor space, the Easter weekend is a fantastic opportunity to draw in families. 

We’ve put together some ideas, classic and new, for entertaining families over the Easter break. Mix and match your favourites for an Easter weekend that will draw in the crowds and boost your play space. 

Easter Egg Hunt

It’s a classic but never fails. Hide eggs across your playground so children can enjoy all of the equipment whilst doing the hunt. Want to make it even more active? Why not put forfeits inside plastic eggs? If children want to claim the prize they must do the activity that’s written inside, e.g. ‘Do 10 star jumps’ or ‘Touch your toes 10 times’

Egg and Spoon Races

Another traditional Easter game that can be customised to suit your space (and the weather). Keep it simple with real or plastic eggs or, if it’s warm enough, make tiny water balloons to balance on the spoons. Make it more challenging by incorporating your play equipment into the race.

Egg Boules

Boil and paint some real eggs or grab some weighty plastic ones for an Easter Egg Boules tournament. Use a white one to set the target and let families work as teams to see if they can get their coloured eggs the closest. 

Bunny Hop Sack Race

Grab some old pillow cases or sacks and set up a race track. Add some rabbit ears and a cotton wool tail to keep it themed and get racing. Encourage the whole family to get involved by turning it into a relay race. The first family across the line wins a free drink at the cafe! 

Bonus: Easter Themed Fundraising

Planning to make an improvement to your playground for the summer months? Use the Easter break as an opportunity to do some fundraising for your new play project. 


  • Raffle a huge Easter Egg. Sell tickets for a raffle with a tasty prize up for grabs. 
  • Play ‘How many Easter Eggs in the jar?’ Fill a jar with mini chocolate eggs and ask visitors to donate to guess how many are inside. Winner gets to keep the jar (and the chocolate!) 
  • Easter stall. Dish up your finest Easter bakes and sell them alongside any other Easter treats and crafts; cards, egg cosies, biscuits, decorations.


If you need any more information or advice about drawing more families to your play space, or if you’re considering developing your playground for the summer holidays, book a consultation with one of our local advisors today. 



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