An Outdoor Space for all of your Playful New Years Resolutions

12 January 2017

The New Year has arrived and with it comes an opportunity to start fresh and make positive resolutions for the year ahead. For many families this means ensuring that both adults and children live healthier lifestyles and take part in more physical activity during their daily routines. 





This week is National Obesity Awareness Week, an event run by the National Obesity Forum. Their campaign is to encourage everyone to be a ‘little bit healthier’ and make manageable lifestyle changes that can make a big difference. At Playforce we’ve always campaigned to help combat childhood obesity. In fact, it’s something that we’ve talked about a lot over the past few years. We don’t just talk the talk either, we’ve carried out our own extensive research into physical activity in schools and the benefits it has for children. You can download our white paper, and recent updates, here


Making sure that children have access to daily play and physical activity is key to combatting childhood obesity. Playground equipment that encourages physical activity throughout the school day and accessible and well-maintained outdoor public spaces to visit at the weekends give children the opportunity to be healthier. Good quality spaces for enjoying the outdoors in leisure settings and family attractions turn an already exciting day out into one that is fun and fit. 



If your New Years Resolution is to encourage healthier lifestyles for children and their families, it’s important to make sure that your outdoor space is ready to support it. If you want to see examples of our customers who have created active outdoor spaces before, check out our case studies in schools, leisure settings and public spaces. Wherever your outdoor space may be, by making it accessible, safe, innovative, challenging and, most importantly, fun, you can help children and families become more physically active one step, skip or swing at a time. 

Is your outdoor space ready to support your new years resolution? At Playforce we’ve been creating outstanding outdoor spaces for nearly 20 years. Contact your local grounds consultant to find out how we can make sure your 2017 is full of play and healthy living. 

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