An active trail to learn the whole curriculum outside

06 November 2018


We were talking at Playforce HQ the other day and realised that we absolutely love active trails… it doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about two or three modular sections or a complete trail of fifteen items… we started counting all the different learning outcomes and lessons that could be planned for outdoors, using the active trail. And we thought we’d share some of our ideas and suggestions, as well as some case studies for fantastic active trails, over the next few weeks. We’ll send some of this out via email but make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Facebook to see other suggestions and ‘top active trail products’.



Let’s look at our Active Trail Low Level 10, including Balance Weaver, Burma Bridge, Link Balance Beam, Rock & Roll Log, Link Rope Walk, Swinging Logs, Linking Crossed Rope Walk, Hanging Rope Traverse, Link Balance Beam and Wobble Walkway.


  1. Balance Weaver - Maths - Can you measure the angles between the logs? Or the length/diameter of each log?
  2. Burma Bridge - Writing - Can you describe the materials (stainless steel, sanded timber, rope) used in this item?
  3. Link Balance Beam - Writing - Imagine you had to cross a ravine usine this. Describe how you’d feel.
  4. Rock & Roll Log - Science - What materials can you find in this item?
  5. Link Rope Walk - PE - Can you find alternative ways to travel across this item?
  6. Swinging Logs - Maths - How many times can you traverse this item in a minute?
  7. Linking Crossed Rope Walk - Art & Design - What shapes can you find in this item?
  8. Hanging Rope Traverse - PE - Can you traverse this item like a monkey? How about like a sloth? Or a mouse? Or an elephant?
  9. Link Balance Beam - Science - Imagine there was only one support. What would happen to the beam depending on where it was placed along it?
  10. Wobble Walkway - Writing - As you move across it what do you experience in your body?


Our active trails can be provided as a complete trail or as individual modular items - perfect for any outdoor space.

In our next email we’ll be sharing some examples of school schemes including active trails. Make sure you’re watching out for it!

To talk to us about our active trails (or anything else playground related) please get in touch today.

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