A new website for Playforce

13 November 2015


We have some very exciting news for you here at Playforce - we have an amazing new website!


Everything you need to create your bespoke outdoor play area is still fully in tact. This includes all the products in the Playforce Shop, our entire outdoor playground design and build service and the After Care service.


If that’s not enough, we still have the fantastic Fundraising Ideas brochure for your school - still available to download. That’s as well as a full brochure of our products and services.


We love to hear what our schools think of Playforce outdoor play products and services - so we have a special Case Studies area packed full of success stories.


The new website design itself is more colourful, playful and eye-catching than before. At Playforce we really want to demonstrate how school-focused we really are. The blue and green colour scheme symbolises the clear blue sky and fresh green grass - encouraging schools to get back to nature and prioritise outdoor play.


So why not take a mini tour of our lovely new website and treat your school to some brand new outdoor play equipment?


DOWNLOAD our Playforce brochure, as well as some amazing fundraising tips for your school!


Take a look at our award-winning outdoor playground resources today at http://www.playforce.co.uk/ or call us on 01225 792660

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