5 Reasons Why Outdoor Learning is a Great Idea

01 August 2016

Sir Ken Robinson has been a fantastic spokesperson for outdoor learning this year and has helped raise awareness of its benefits through a series of speeches and discussions. In his latest discussion with TES, he shared his thoughts on why learning outside is a good idea…





Nature is a powerful resource.
We want our children to understand the natural world around them. They need to learn about the flora and fauna and how the systems around them work.

Children can learn through practical hands-on activities.
Learning through doing is a very powerful form. Active engagement with the world through practical projects is the perfect accompaniment to learning about theories in the classroom.

You can tap into children’s curiosity.
“What really drives education is curiosity, trying to fill gaps in our understanding and the world around us is a tremendous resource to stimulate that curiosity.”

It is a social experience and children learn from working together.
Children are very social creatures and learning from each other and figuring out how to work together and play together is a very important part of education and social development.

Learning outdoors is fun.
Possibly the most important of them all. Learning and playing outdoors is fun and it’s an essential part of the school day to ensure the quality of education is at its highest.


"Education takes up a great deal of children's time. This is their childhood, the only one they get and learning outdoors, working together, playing together is fun. It's about the quality of our lives and experiences.”


Read more about Sir Ken Robinson’s discussion with TES here and find out how you can get involved in Empty Classroom Day next year here

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