5 Perfect Products for Outdoor Science

20 June 2016


Following the successful and safe return of our favourite British astronaut Tim Peake this weekend, we’re continuing to celebrate Science and Discovery Month at Playforce. We’ve been filling our website and social media feeds with lots of great science and discovery ideas, resources and activities to help you take science lessons into the playground.


At Playforce all of our products are designed to inspire creative, interactive, outdoor learning and we think the playground is the perfect place to teach science. Science is about experimenting and discovering, learning hands-on and making a bit of a mess! We’ve chosen some of our favourite play equipment that can help get mini Tim Peakes excited about science in less time than it takes to return to Earth.


Weather Station

A rocket launch can’t happen without the sciences whizzes making sure that the weather is just right. Record wind direction and speed, rainfall, pressure, humidity and temperature with our fun and interactive Weather Station. Record your notes on the attached chalk board and compare as the days change. What do you think the perfect weather for a rocket launch is?





Our favourite thing about our Poddely Sets is that they can be used to create anything! Bring them out into the playground to build your own rocket or set up camp in the space station. Include the sand and water play elements to teach forces and gravity - it’s the perfect way to give children a hands-on experience with essential science lessons. 


Mini Beast Exploration Table 

The latest space mission may not have returned any extra terrestrial life to Earth but we can still explore all the creepy crawlies in our playgrounds. Our Mini Beast Exploration Table inspires discovery and investigation, two key skills for budding scientists. Peer through the magnifying glasses to look at playground bugs up close and fill the spinning table top with natural samples from around the school.


Seating Planters

A crucial part of all science lessons is teaching children about the importance of the environment around them and understanding sustainability. Many schools have found the best way to help children understand nature is to give them access to it. With our Seating Planters children can grow plants, vegetables and herbs from seed to full bloom. Watching them grow encourages a sense of ownership and care for the natural environment and teaches the basic principles of sustainability. Let your children record the growth of their plants and stimulate lessons about photosynthesis and the circle of life. 



Flow Wall

Our flow wall is by far one of our most popular pieces of equipment for encouraging experimentation, discovery and lots of fun in the playground. With hooks, chutes, reservoirs, water wheels and bendy tubes it’s perfect for encouraging problem solving, teamwork and teaching about gravity. Children can race the water down wall and mix and match the attachments to find out how it affects the flow.


If your students have been inspired by all the exciting space news recently, use it as a great opportunity to take science into the playground. If you’d like expert advice on how to improve your outdoor space for learning and play, book a meeting with our expert consultants today. 

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