4 of our favourite active projects

23 June 2017

As we get ready for a summer of sports at Playforce HQ, we’ve been taking a moment to think about all the amazing ways we’ve helped schools and communities get active over the years. We believe that outdoor play is a huge step towards getting children to take part in more physical activity and we work hard to make being healthy, fun!

Sometimes we think it’s better to show not tell, so here are four of our favourite active projects that we’ve worked on to boost physical activity in the playground…

Millfield Primary School, Cambridgeshire
Millfield Primary School wanted to develop their playground to fit with their focus on active, healthy children. They wanted to extend the play area so that they were able to deliver a greater variety of activity for a wider range of children. They designed a space that would challenge their children and make getting active more fun.

They said.. “The biggest benefit for us is that the children are getting involved in meaningful outside play, using the equipment to challenge themselves.  This contributes to them leading a healthy, active life.”

Read more about Millfield Primary School.

Aloeric Primary School, Wiltshire
For Aloeric Primary School, their natural surroundings were the inspiration for their new playground. They wanted their outdoor environment to inspire the children’s motivation to get outside and actively involved in more sport. By installing a range of flexible equipment, they gave their children a wealth of opportunities to enjoy more physical activity.

They said… “The physical benefits for the children will improve their health in the long term and their behaviour has also seen a positive change.”

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Angel Road Junior School, Norwich
Developing the playground at Angel Road Junior School has created a new space where children can be active in both lessons and play time. Introducing physically challenging equipment to the pupils has given their break times a whole new purpose.

They said… “The children all now, naturally, engage with the equipment – even those that don’t often choose to extend themselves in subjects such as games or PE – and the Football Goal Ends have created a football pitch which no longer relies on strategically placed sweatshirts!”

George Spicer Primary School, Middlesex
We don’t like to show off but when you get a review like the one we got from George Spicer Primary, it’s hard not to. Described as “better than Disneyland”, their new playground now offers children an opportunity to challenge themselves physically. The children have learnt how to use all of the space available so that they can be more active in any situation. 

They said… “The children love the opportunities they have for using the frames, both during the day and at After School clubs. One of our students even said; ‘This is better than Disneyland!’  We couldn’t ask for a better result!”

Read more here

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