20 products for £20k: Scheme 2: Flexible playground space for KS1 free flow play

28 March 2018


As we mentioned in our last blog, we thought it would be fun to come up with some themes that keep on with the ‘20th birthday’ theme. That’s why we’ve put together four schemes, with differing objectives, each of which involve a whopping 20 products, for just £20,000. We’ll be releasing them over the next few days and sharing our ideas with you.


You can look forward to product and learning ideas, as well as designs, for Early Years; a flexible school playground for KS1 free flow play; a KS2 playground; and an amazing active trail.


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The latest scheme is a flexible space for KS1 free flow play.


We really love this free flow scheme! It shows a typical primary school playground space and, as well as supporting free flow play from a classroom, it also includes a separate zone for creative, sensory play and discovery, as well as providing some fun, flexible activities for the main playground. Best of all these have been designed to be used by a range of age groups - making it really flexible and practical for a busy school. In particular we love the Timber Rectangular Shelter and the Project Tables with Benches, for taking learning outside. And, now that spring is springing, we’re looking forward to seeing what you can grow with our Fun Grow Seating Planter and the wonderful music you can make!



All twenty products:


4mW x 8mL Timber Rectangular Shelter with Polycarbonate Roof

Project Table with Benches 1

Project Table with Benches 2

Large Setting Poddely in Large Pod

16m of 1mH Timber Playfence Plus with 2 x gates

Post Mounted Magnetic Whiteboard

Post Mounted Double Sided Whiteboard and Chalkboard

Flow Wall – post mounted

Wooden Chime Panel

Wooden Xylophone Panel

Wooden Rattle Wheel Panel

Wooden Steel Drum Panel

Sliding Lid Sandpit

Free Standing Scales

Fun Grow Seating Planter - Rectangular 

Fun Grow Seating Planter - Rectangular 

Play Lawn Surfacing

Thermoplastic 1

Thermoplastic 2

Thermoplastic 3


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