20 products, for £20k means a fantastic birthday playground!

28 March 2018


We thought it would be fun to come up with some themes that keep on with the ‘20th birthday’ theme. That’s why we’ve put together four schemes, with differing objectives, each of which involve a whopping 20 products, for just £20,000. We’ll be releasing them over the next few days and sharing our ideas with you.


You can look forward to product and learning ideas, as well as designs, for Early Years; a flexible school playground for KS1 free flow play; a KS2 playground; and an amazing active trail. Follow us on Twitter (@PlayforceUK), Instagram (@PlayforceUK) or Facebook (/PlayforceUK) to know as soon as they’re posted.


Scheme 1: Early Years



We love this ‘typical’ Early Years outdoor scheme. Perfect for a nursery or a school, there’s a mixture of fixed and movable equipment, just perfect for children aged between two and five. Best of all it covers all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. We’ve included items that can be set up by practitioners or even the children themselves. Children can take control with the Make Your Own Signs Set and our award-winning Medium Poddely Set as well helping to clear things away with the Self Select Store. And we haven’t forgotten the practicalities, within the £20k either. The choice of surfacing also means the whole area includes a range of different textures, each accessible all year round, as well as being safe for the children to play on, for a range of different activities.


All twenty products:

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