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19 September 2017

Want to know what schools have been snapping up this month? Here’s a run-down of September’s most sought-after equipment… 

1. Active Trails

Focused on promoting physical activity and development, our range of Active Trails builds motor skills, hand to eye coordination and self-confidence – all whilst having fun and getting fit!

2. Climbing Cube


A varied challenge for older children, our Climbing Cube encourages risk-taking in a safe environment to help build confidence. Small in size, big on fun! 

3. Wheelchair Roundabout 

Our colourful, dynamic range is perfect for children of all abilities, and encourages group play outdoors. Give it a whirl!

4. Shortened Recumbent Bike

Perfect for primary and junior school users, The Great Outdoor Gym Company has designed Junior Gyms for primary schools to encourage young people to get active at break times. Specially designed for shorter legs! 

5. Clamber Mountain

Add a progressive level of physical development for children and encourage their coordination skills – all whilst learning how to share and work as a team. 

6. Cork City Construction Set

This combination of tactile cork blocks and wooden shapes can be used to create cities, castles or even mini-towns in small world play. Why not add other small world play resources to build on a curriculum topic?

7. Fruit Chalkboards

These double-sided chalkboard fruit shapes are perfect for teaching numeracy and literacy outdoors – help to develop fine motor skills when hanging them up using mushroom fittings to walls and sheds, or hooked onto trees, fences and washing lines.

8. Nursery Tower

Designed for children aged 2-5 years, this sturdy timber tower combines lots of physical challenges for young children, whilst promoting teambuilding and motor skills. 

9. Multi Use Play Patch 

Exclusively designed by Playforce, this three-in-one cork set can be used in all sorts of ways and is perfect for outdoor activities with nursery children – click on the link and find out just what you can make!

10. Poddely Sets

With Playforce’s award-winning Poddley sets, the possibilities are endless! Poddely is a great resource for delivering many different learning outcomes, and you can set up structured activities, or leave out for free play time for children aged 2-11 to let their imaginations run wild! Did we also mention that there’s 20% on large and medium sets? 

Looking for a way to refresh your playground without blowing your budget? Our summer clearance sale is the perfect place to head for amazing equipment at a fraction of the price! Check it out here.

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