We’re talking to Academies about procurement best practice for their outdoor space

12 April 2016



So… you’re a shiny new Academy with a whole host of fresh new outdoor space.  And you’re looking for the leading playground specialists to transform it into the play and sports area of your dreams. 


We wish it was as simple as all that, for you!  We understand that you need to look around and look at all the options.  However, playgrounds aren’t commodities like paper clips.   They’re designed by experienced experts and should be bespoke according to locality, the communities they serve, and the outcomes delivered to children.  Yet all too frequently, often because of time pressure, the procurement process is reduced to Google searches, wading through tons of paper and box-ticking.  Tighter, more streamlined practices would reduce costs for Academies and contractors alike and ensure that children get the playgrounds they deserve.


Here at Playforce we believe that being a trusted partner means more than just coming up with award winning equipment and amazing outdoor spaces.  We want to work with Academies to make sure they’re getting the very best from the whole procurement process – irrespective of whether you select us at the end of it.


To celebrate our attendance at the Academies Show on 20th April, we’ll be launching, on stand 422, our latest white paper.  It will address the topic of procurement for Academies planning a playground or outdoor space project.


In the present economic climate, does current procurement practice deliver value for money to academies?  How can academies get what they need when running a playground development project?  We’ll discuss the tangible benefits that a robust procurement process provides for Academies.  We’ll give you tips to get the very best playgrounds and outdoor space for your children, and the best value for your money.  This document will focus on what constitutes good procurement practice and why.  This includes commentary on ways to deliver the very best provision to local children and communities, high play value and value for money through robust procurement management.


Come to stand 422 on 20th April and get your copy of our free procurement white paper.  More importantly, get in touch to book an appointment with one of our on-stand specialists by contacting us here. We’re always glad to sit down over a cup of tea and work out the best plan for your Academy.




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