Top Tips – starting a new playground fundraising project

04 November 2015


Embarking on a new playground fundraising project can be daunting, and many Playforce customers use fundraising as a way to part or fully fund their projects. So, here are some top tips for things to consider when you’re getting started.


1. Think about who will be co-ordinating your fundraising project, and who else will be involved. Try to set up a small team of people who have specific roles when it comes to organising events, collecting and banking money and promoting your events.


2. Collect lots of ideas from your school council, pupils, school staff, Governors and PTA members and begin to think about the sorts of things you might like to achieve in your school playground or nursery garden. If you’d like to turn this into an activity for the children, get in touch and ask about our ‘Design your own Playground’ resource.


3. Think about how you’d like to fund your project. Will your funds come from the school budget, PTA fundraising, grants, Pupil/Sports Premium funding, or a combination of these? Think about how much each of these funding sources will contribute and therefore where to focus your time.


4. When would you like to complete the project? Setting yourself a deadline can help keep everyone focussed on your goals. Below is a handy reference to help you work backwards from when you’d ideally like your installation to happen. So, if you’re aiming to have your project completed in a particular period of the year, see when you’ll need to be planning alongside suppliers, and ideally when you’ll need to make a decision on the detail in the project. Of course, before you get to this stage, the longer you have to get fundraising and applying for grants the better, so don’t wait until you need a consultation to get in touch as we can help you with the early stages of the project too.


Our friendly team are always available to speak to regarding fundraising projects – call us on 01225 792660.

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