Fundraising for your new playground… where should you start?

13 April 2016


We’re pretty sure, if you’re embarking on a new playground project (and hopefully a Playforce playground project), that you’re thinking about how you’re going to fund it… and looking for ways to get everyone involved.  But the whole process can seem a little daunting.  Sometimes working out the best place to start, in fundraising, is the hardest part.  That’s why we’ve collected together some of our resources for fundraising ideas and tips to make sure you’re successful in reaching your target.


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  1.  Top tips for starting a new playground fundraising project – This really is the article to start with.  Written for our Playforce blog back in November this sets out the first four steps you need to consider: from putting together your team, involving others, working out an action plan and considering timescales.

  2.  A-Z fundraising ideas – We’ve done the hard work for you here.  The fact is, as the UK’s leading playground and outdoor space specialists we spend a lot of time talking to our customers, scouring the internet and challenging our staff to come up with new and exciting fundraising ideas.  You can download our favourites, A-Z, here.  

  3.  Downloadable guides and sheets – You know we love our friends at Twinkl. It’s one of the reason we’ve partnered with them on a number of competitions and, now, our referral and reward scheme.  But as well as some amazing teaching resources, they also have lots of downloadable sheets you could use for fundraising.

  4.  Set out a plan – The chances are one of your fundraising ideas will involve organising an event. To help with this we’ve produced our checklist, below, for organising the best fundraising event possible.


Have you:

  • Asked for help. Two heads (or even a committee) that will take responsibility are better than one.
  • Decided what the main event will be. Is it a disco, a race-night, a cake sale, a sports day? 
  • Decided on a date. Plan the event well in advance, to give you plenty of time for organisation.
  • Written a list of all the jobs you need to do. Tick them off one by one. That way you won’t forget anything.
  • Confirmed your venue is available and you can (legally) hold your event there. Even if it’s at school, it’s worth checking the details.
  • Thought about furniture. Do you need/have tables and chairs? How about staging?
  • Thought about refreshments. Are you having a bar and do you need a licence? What about catering?
  • Thought about entertainment. What will you have? Do you need to book them? Do you need microphones, lighting?
  • Decided if you need tickets. Do you need to know how many people you have coming? Have you agreed a price? Numbered tickets? Does this cover your costs? And make some money for your playground?
  • Thought about the money. Keep an accurate record of how much you are spending as you go along. Are there any things you could get as sponsorship to maximise the fundraising?
  • Planned out your marketing.  That means design posters, tickets etc. Perhaps even a website. Consider where you’re going to put posters up and who else can help to spread the word.
  • Thought of everything.  Have a bucket for donations… and even consider a raffle or auction on top of your main fundraising event theme. You can ask local contact local companies and shops asking for donations and prizes.
  • Remembered to confirm bookings. That means any external venue, caterers, band etc. It’s also worth confirming that they know what they need to do, when and where… and know where “where” is!
  • Take your time. On the day give yourself plenty of time to get organised. Don’t leave things until the last minute
  • Remembered to enjoy yourself. It sounds silly but when you’re planning an event it can be hard to step back and enjoy yourself. Try to… and tell yourself “well done”, as well. It’ll be going well if you’ve followed our handy checklist!


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