Funding your new playground

12 April 2016


Here at Playforce we’ve been working with primary schools and early years settings for years on their playgrounds.  And in that time we’ve seen Government funding come and go, as well as a raft of grants and charity funds spring up – all designed to get our children active and playing.  But we understand that navigating the financial waters can be a bit of a struggle – particularly when you have an already busy day job to juggle.


Don’t worry. That’s where we come in and why we’re the UK’s most recommended playground specialists.  We like to think of our schools, academies and settings as partners, rather than customers.  And that means being there to help with fundraising ideas and supporting them in grant applications. 


Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing our suggestions for ways to raise money for your outdoor space, as well as some of the key milestones you don’t want to miss, over the next year.  We’ll also be revamping our fundraising resources and newsletter. Don’t forget to sign up for it here.


To get things started, however, here are some highlights of the many grants that could help out with playground funding:

  • Sport England – An oldie but a goodie Sport England offers a range of grant programmes designed to raise participation in sport.
  • Wooden Spoon Charity – This charity has been set up to support projects that help disadvantaged children and young people, including outdoor projects that support healthy lives
  • Awards for All – Another well known (but under used) grant, Awards for All supports community-based projects and has a long track record of contributing to sport and play projects.
  • Veolia Trust – This trust awards funding for outdoor spaces, play and recreation within community and environmental projects.
  • London Marathon Charitable Trust -  Small and large grants are available for projects that increase people's physical activity levels and access to sports. There are geographical restrictions for this one though -  London, Surrey, South Northamptonshire and Aylesbury Vale only.
  • British Ecological Society - A bit of a niche subject but these nice people provide outreach grants for school promoting interaction with ecology.
  • Ernest Cook Trust – This trust is perfect for schools that want to spark interest in the countryside.
  • REN Community Action This grant is ideal for projects that involve developing land near landfills.
  • Goldsmiths’ Company Teacher Funding – This is available for teachers who want to take children outside of the classroom.
  • People’s Health Trust – This trust is set up to support getting communities active in areas affected by health inequalities.


Later on this month and next we’ll be hearing from our favourite grant and bid writing specialist, Rachel Gordon, from the School Funding Service, with her tips, as well as offering you our suggestions for fundraising in your schools, over the summer term.

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